Do You Wanna Learn Something?

Here are links to a wealth of information and knowledge:

PROMOTIONAL Learning Info:

  • Artwork Info - every design starts with the art. Your artwork can determine if the imprint is good or not.
  • Apparel Definitions - great info to know like, what is a 1x1 rib? what is buckram backing? or what is difference between a Henley and a Herringbone?
  • A cost analysis of promotional products vs other advertising media
  • PMS - What is PMS? (you might be surprised)
  • Promotional Industry Terms - find out more about industry terminology
  • DECORATION Learning Info:

  • Decorating Processes - from DTG to 4CP to laser to vinyl cutting - which process or embellishment is right for you logo on apparel?
  • Decorating Terms- what does color fill mean? what about pad printing?
  • Imprint Inks - inks can make or break a design
  • Embroidery 101 - learn the basics of embroidery and the steps to get the final product.
  • Embroidery and Screen Printing Glossary - .have to know this stuff when dealing apparel
  • The Basics of Digital Printing on Apparel - learn the basics of direct to garment (DTG) printing

  • Cajun Dictionary (hey, you wanna learn some Cajun dialect?)
  • Commercial Printing Terms - unique glossary of information when printing paper products
  • Commercial Printing Trivia ("I never knew dat")
  • In Terms of Color - definitions referring to color terms, such as CMYK, RGB, and more
  • How to design an event tee - an easy to use guide for non designers
  • Laissez les bon temps rouler! (pronounced lay-zay lay bon ton rule-ay)