Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutions are just one of the many services that MANATEE can assist you with. With our combined expertise and experience in marketing, graphic design, product sourcing, as well as, production of branded merchandise and corporate apparel, we can develop custom programs to compliment, and assist with, your marketing needs.

From brand awareness, to on-line company stores, website design / development, to direct marketing, we can help.

Planning a golf tournament, awareness program, fundraising program / event, or a tradeshow, yep we can assist. And we will create a total marketing solution for you, not just a promotional product.

Here are a few marketing solutions we can assist with. We will take it a step further to show how most, if not all of this is tied to one another.

  • Brand Development, Brand Launches, and Awareness - Are you just starting out? Do you need a logo designed? Not only can we assist you in creative a unique and creative brand (aka logo) that will stand out, compliment you and your product and business, but we can also help in generating awareness to that brand through strategic marketing.
  • Graphic Design - With our graphic design skills, we will design and develop that unique brand for you, or any other graphic design as needed.
  • New Products & Product Roll-Outs - Time to get creative with promotional product advertising and imprint them with your new brand.
  • Design and Marketing Packages - Now, let us not forget to design some creative packaging for that promotional product with your unique brand, and/or message on it. Creative packaging adds so much more appeal and perceived value to the product.
  • Direct Mail - Shouldn't we get those creative juices flowing and design Direct Mail materials too? We want to not only give a product out to enhance brand awareness, but we also want to let people know what we are rolling out, or about to roll out.
  • Print Services - OK, so your brand has been created. It's now time to get the print material done... business cards, stationary, custom printed cards, brochures, or flyers (for the ROLL OUT and DIRECT MAIL), as needed. And let us not forget to print the specialty marketing materials and packaging too.
  • Website Design - What about putting that new brand on the website? We want to let people know where they can go on-line to find out more about you, your business, your product(s), and brand. We must not forget to enhance your social presence by adding it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like.
  • Additional Services include

  • Fulfillment - Let's say that everything is done (brand development, marketing kits, printing, website, and the promotional products are printed too)... you may need to bring Fulfillment Services into the picture to put all the packages together and make them ready for mailing, shipping, or hand-out, etc. Yes, we can assist with that as well.
  • Fundraising - Fundraising through selling and getting sponsors is a necessary part of keeping any program operating.  But instead of offering the same old overpriced products that people feel obligated to purchase, we want to offer your group some unique, easy to sell, personalized gifts, clothing and spirit items - ensuring to make it fun!
    There are thousands of promotional items to choose from, so take a gander and see how we can help you and your group succeed.

  • Charity Awareness - Do you have a special program or cause that you need to increase awareness for? Promotional awareness products are the perfect solution. Our solutions are economical, yet convey a powerful message for change. Whether your event calls for pink-inspired breast cancer awareness items or themed products to promote other causes, we have just the right items to convey your message before, during, and long after the event is over.
  • Laissez les bon temps rouler! (pronounced lay-zay lay bon ton rule-ay)