Decoration - Direct to Garment (DTG)

Frequently Asked Questions About DTG!

Q. What is Direct to garment (DTG)?:

  A. Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a fairly new garment decorating technology that uses a printer to apply specially formulated, high viscosity, water based inks directly to a garment. DTG printers are designed to handle the specific needs of printing directly onto garments.

Q. What is the difference between light garment and dark garment in DTG printing?:

  A. The terms light garment and dark garment are used to identify whether a white underbase needs to be appliedto a garment beforeprinting the CMYK ink. DTG inks are semi-translucent and the color of the garment can show through on some light colors in your artwork.
Light garments do not require a white underbase to be printed first in order to print the desired colors in the artwork. Dark garments require a white underbase to be printed first because the shirt is darker than the color(s) in the artwork.

Q. How is DTG printing different than using a digital transfer paper?:

  A. Digital transfer papers use a polymer or glue coating to adhere the ink or toner to the top of a garment. This creates what is called a polymer window on the garment and can be noticeable visually and to the touch. Direct to garment inks are manufactured to have binders in the ink that allow the ink to adhere to the garment without the use of a polymer top coating.

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